Charlie Waterhouse writes:

In a world where domestic and civic design all too often delivers little more than idle affectation, the Front Yard Company's © PlantLock is a joy.

A mind-bogglingly undercomplicated invention, it simultaneously safeguards your bike, provides greenery and unclutters the house. Moreover, it encourages the use of that great British waste of space known as the front garden.

If embraced by urban planners, as it must surely be, the double whammy of parking and perking-up the locale can only encourage more people to ditch the infernal combustion engine.

Security, biodiversity, community and total-feng-shui rolled into one – who knew boron steel could be so brilliant?

Bugger bringing the Olympics to Britain. £3 billion would buy enough pre-seeded PlantLocks for 50 million bikes. Now that would be a properly meaningful contribution to the health of the nation.

International design collections must already be making space among the Eames and the Ives. The rest of us just need to move the wheelie bins.

Oh, those Front Yard people can help there too...