Right to Work

Since many projects involving people with learning difficulties feature gardening and horticulture, we've always believed there was a link between PlantLocks and the training opportunities of planting and maintenance, that can also bring the organisations at least a small revenue stream.

South Downs National Park have ordered 40 PlantLocks for a variety of locations, as somewhere to lock your bike when in the café or shop.

These are being planted by members of the The Right to Work group (pictured) providing both paid and supported voluntary work for people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

photo:Veronika Moore

photo:Veronika Moore

PlantLocks internationally

We get a lot of requests for PlantLocks from the U.S, Australia and elsewhere in Europe.
At 25kgs each (unfilled obviously) they're expensive to freight internationally singly or for small no.s.

We've just dispatched 30 to Velo Cycles – a cafe and bikeshop in Melbourne, Australia. But as intrinsically heavy products, the ideal would be to establish local production...