‘Grow Your Own’

Available from us & the Design Museum Shop, London. Comes in printed and hand-stitched kraftpaper bag (for re-use) with vegetable- growing calendar on back.
£25 + £2 p&p

Businesses buying PlantLocks...

Circle 33 Housing Trust /
Barts Hospital /
London Borough of Southwark /
London Borough of Westminster /
Push Cycles, Two Wheels Good, Tokyo Bikes, Look Mum – No hands, Cycle Lab / The London Hospital /
Garden Court Chambers /
Waitrose supermarkets /

NEW! Elvis Cyclestand

An elegant alternative to the dreary boltdown ‘toast-rack’ often found at stations and workplaces. This stand is robust, very secure cycleparking for public places, schools and workplaces (& amongst other things, it doesn’t trap litter like the ‘toast-rack’). Contact us for more details/prices.

Elvis Cycle Stand

Elvis Cycle Stand


This is when it gets exciting:
taken to their full potential, PlantLocks secure bicycles outside, and offer the whole street much more than is possible with a standard concreted-in hoop.

Too cold to cycle...

Currently we sell PlantLocks to cyclists and businesses in Germany, and in Sweden there’s been growing interest both for cycleparking and buggy/pushchair parking. But what to do about the winter permafrost? We need advice on local ice-hardy perennials.

Alan Bennett & PlantLocks in Camden Town

Nice to see him cycling around familiar streets.
Delicatessen Melrose & Morgan requested these PlantLocks from Camden Council, and did a deal where they got the cycleparking they wanted, in return for the shop maintaining the planting.

The garden museum, Lambeth

The garden museum, adjacent to Lambeth Palace, has PlantLocks for its visitors arriving by bicycle. Helen Maurer mentioned the planting to us, so we got down there to have a look: a luscious seasonal mix of flowers and food await you.

And your bike will still be there when you come back out of the museum.

Bulbs for Spring

“The plantlock is wonderful – I’ve just planted it up with tulips forthe spring”. Meghan

Oxford Cycle Workshop Training

“Our PlantLocks have made us many many friends with the locals. They really communicate our values. We have grown a crazy mix of herbs, strawberies and cabbage!”

OCWT ran a PlantLock planting project with Iffley Mead School, Oxford, whose pupils have moderate learning difficulties.

Oxford Cycle Workshop hope to offer a PlantLock supply and aftercare service with RESTORE, an Oxfordshire mental health charity.

Urban biodiversity

From the start we’ve been interested in how we improve the biodiversity values of urban planting. Nectar loving insects obviously love flowers, & PlantLocks can be a way of introducing food plants for insects. Dusty of Living Roofs suggested a cornfield wildflower mixture on a very poor soil. Below is this over 2 consecutive summers, left to its own devices (rainfall only). Hoverflies & bees seemed to be frequent visitors.

Unusual sightings

Continuing the trail of unusual bikes seen locked to PlantLocks, a Pedersen pattern bicycle locked to a PlantLock from the blog www.realcycling.co.uk
“we have one (a PlantLock) in our front yard at home, and it’s just perfect.”


A PlantLock user in London asked about growing potatoes in her PlantLock. Whilst not recommending plants with delicate stems, we decided to give it a go ourselves. The result: fresh-dug potatoes for lunch.