BinDock Specifications

BinDock internal dimensions

Double and Triple BinDock:

Specification / Features Double BinDock Triple BinDock
Wheelie bins (various sizes) 2 3
Height (internal) 1206 mm 1206 mm
Width (internal) 1200 mm 1800 mm
Depth (internal) 745 mm 745 mm
Roof area 1.1 square meters 1.6 square meters
Roof substrate/soil volume 0.11 cubic meters 0.16 cubic meters
Water outlets both ends with rain chains Yes Yes
Optional Bee Posts Yes Yes
Optional Planter(s) (56L each) Yes Yes

Wheelie bin sizes

wheelie bin sizes

Most commonly used domestic wheelie bin sizes (average sizes, some may vary)
All sizes fit with BinDock

140L 190L 240L
Height 1075 mm 1075 mm 1100 mm
Width 505 mm 505 mm 580 mm
Depth 555 mm 740 mm 740 mm