PlantLock frees up cluttered hallways and stairwells by offering a solid planter to lock your bike to.

As well as providing safe and tidy bike storage, PlantLock begins to transform the front yard into a green space.

(PlantLock can also be used in back gardens, balconies, communal gardens and other maintained public places.)

PlantLock constitutes an "immovable object" to lock bicycles to, weighing 75+kg when planted up.

EC Design Registration no. 001575846/0001

PlantLock £155 (£129.17 + vat)
Optional bicycle symbol/bikelocking logo £12.50 (£10 + vat)

PlantLock Red
PlantLock Green

PlantLock accommodates most bicycle types on the market. Bicycle frame and both wheels can be secured to the bar with the owner’s existing locks – ideally two quality locks of different types, as recommended by SoldSecure.

PlantLock requires minimum maintenance, being made from robust, durable materials. The locking bar is made from boron steel, case-hardened and tempered, to achieve robustness beyond most commercially available bicycle locks.

PlantLock strength test video. (or watch on YouTube)

Each PlantLock accommodates 2 bicycles

PlantLock colours: Spring Forest Green & Dark Mulberry Red.
Special colours available (at extra cost/production lead time)

PlantLock planting: PlantLock is suitable for growing a wide range of flowering plants, hardy shrubs, fragrant herbs, and alternatively, low maintenance, drought tolerant planting.

PlantLock Information sheets (more on planting, security, specifications)
Download PDF

PlantLock is best positioned in a well lit location, in open view from inside and outside the house, avoiding blind spots and shadows from trees and other visual obstructions.
For permanent fixture, PlantLock can be attached to the ground, using fixing holes.

The Black Lark is twinned with PlantLock.

The first sighting of the Black Lark, photographed two thousand miles from its home of the Russian Steppes, in Holyhead, North Wales 2003, established it as one of the newest residents in the uk.

Like the Front Yard Company's products for re-invigorating frontyards, the Black Lark is a new arrival to this country.

Changes in how we get around our cities, how deliveries are made to us, how our refuse and recycling is collected, all mean changes to our homes and outdoor spaces.

The Front Yard Company seeks to create an environment that is enjoyable, accommodates change, and always benefits wildlife.

— Designed and manufactured in the UK.

— Part of The Design Museum's Permanent Collection.

— We only make innovative products; we do not resell standard equipment.

— We choose to manufacture in the UK and support local economies.

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Registered in England and Wales. Registered No. 5976434