BikePort is a covered bicycle store for the home. BikePort makes cycling easier by securing and sheltering your bike outside, conveniently close to the street. It comprises a robust steel tubular frame in which bikes are parked and locked using a cyclist’s existing locks (for added security a heavy ‘motorcycle’ type lock can be kept at each parking position).
It is covered in marine acrylic canvas (in a choice of 26 colours). The opening side is held down by a single catch. BikePort is available in versions for parking 2, 3 or 4 bikes. However each version can be simply altered to double it’s storage capacity if necessary.
BikePort can be free standing or integrated as part of a garden ‘makeover’.

Lower than most hedges, BikePort can easily fit into a wide variety of front gardens (or alongside car parking around flats). It is designed to fit elegantly but modestly into the planting of an established front garden.
Made in Britain, the steel frame is finished in a highly durable powdercoat, while the cover is made by specialist boat cover and sail makers. BikePort is simple to use and maintain.

Technical sheet (Installation & set up)

Registered design no. 3025893

Our sibling company, Green Roof Shelters Ltd, produces (larger) Green Roofed Cycle Shelters - for housing estates, new developments, schools and other organisations/businesses.
For more information see: Green Roof Cycle Shelter

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